Here in this tutorial section, we will provide you tutorials by which you can enhance your images by using Photoshop software’s.  We will learn to tweak images by enhancing parameters like contrast, saturation, hue saturation, colour balance, etc. We will also learn how to use layers in Photoshop software. Before going to learn how to enhance your images, first thing is that you must know which software you should use to enhance your photos. For that you can visit our Free Resources page.

Coloring Eye

Software : GIMP 2.6

Estimated Time : 5 min

Coloring in a De-colored Image

Software : GIMP 2.6

Estimated Time : 30 min

Colored Text Over Image

Software : GIMP 2.6

Estimated Time : 20 min

Pattern Wallpaper

Software : GIMP 2.6

Estimated Time : 45 min 

Glowing Effect

Software : GIMP 2.6

Estimated Time : 10 min  

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