Coloring in a De-colored Image                                                                                                                                     Back 

This tutorial will allow us to create a selected area colored from a B&W image.

 1. Create a duplicate layer.

 2. We will Decolorise this new layer (making it B&W layer). Select the new layer, then go to Color > Decolorise and make it B&W image.

 3. Select the B&W layer, right click on it and select "Add Layer Mask "

 4. A new window will open. Select White (full opacity) and click on "Add" button.

 5. A new white image will generate just adjacent to B&W layer. Select it by clicking over it.

 6. Select brush from tool box and move the brush over the area where you desire it to be colored.

 7. To make your image easy for editing you can zoom the image using crtl+mouse wheel.

 8. Now your image is almost ready. To merge the two layers just click on the layer and select "Merge Down". You can save the image From File > Save as and give the destination to your file.

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